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JVChantete Earthworks Ltd.

JVChantete Earthworks Ltd. is part of the African Mining Solutions Group (AMS) which has expanded to incorporate numerous businesses across Southern Africa.African Mining Solutions (AMS) Group of companies

JVChantete Earthworks Ltd stands out because of our people. The Company’s operations, engineering and maintenance personnel are some of the best in the business. They work incredibly hard in a demanding environment where personnel responsibility and opportunity are corner stones of our management approach.
JVChantete Earthworks Ltd has delivered on a wide range of projects with our partners in the country as a result of this approach.

JVChantete Earthworks Ltd has grown to serve the complete spectrum of mining services from concession acquisition to processing technology innovation. Selecting good people and the right equipment and supporting this with the world class technical, systems and logistical support, is the foundation for our success. JVChantete Earthworks Ltd has adopted these elementary rules in everything we do.

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